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Asking the Right Questions about Foundry Dust Collection

Finding the best solution to foundry dust collection challenges can be a complex process. Some of the technologies traditionally used to clean up dust and fumes in foundries – wet scrubbers, industrial baghouses, or pleated down flow-style baghouses – can be extremely costly and/or prone to performance problems.

This white paper will review several key areas of investigation and will discuss the role of pleated bag-style dust collectors (also known as cartridge collectors) in improving dust and fume control:

  1. Will the dust collector comply with emission requirements?
  2. Do I have a combustible dust issue?
  3. Will my collector fix the problem?
  4. Will it perform reliably?
  5. Is the collector optimally equipped for safety?
  6. Will it provide the best possible return on investment (ROI)?

By reviewing these topics in more detail and knowing the right questions to ask, foundry operators will be better equipped to make informed dust collection decisions and to focus on productivity, not problems.

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