Oval to Round Replacement Filter

Fits your Torit Downflo®
Oval® Dust Collector

Top view of HemiPleat NoOval filter

Torit, Oval and Downflo are all registered trademarks of Donaldson, Inc. and have no affiliation with Camfil APC.

The Torit Donaldson® Oval® cartridge is a patented filter that can only be supplied by Donaldson. If you are a Downflo Oval® dust collector owner, you have had no choice to improve performance of your dust collector—until now!

Filters For Downflo Oval Dust Collector

The new patented NoOval™ from Camfil APC allows you to put a round cartridge in an oval hole! Finally, you can benefit from the HemiPleat® long life technology. Power up your Downflo Oval® with a NoOval!

Improve the performance or solve problems such as short filter life with existing Oval dust collector systems. Camfil APC filter cartridges are available with the new HemiPleat® Nano media for higher filtration efficiencies and improved dust release. GUARANTEED.

Greater media utilization and more effective filtration provide enhanced performance and longer service life.

A data sheet with full specifications on the NoOval can be downloaded now from the gold box to the right.

Fits All Yoke Styles

HemiPleat NoOval filters are available in configurations to fit all Oval yoke styles:

Media Options

HemiPleat PolyTech™

Proprietary blend of cellulosic fibers and polyester fibers with a moisture resistant silicone treatment for optimum dust release characterics yielding long service life at high filtration efficiencies.

  • PolyTech Standard - MERV 10/11
  • PolyTech Carbon Impregnated - Treated for static dissipation
  • PolyTech Flame Retardant - Treated with a fire retardant chemical
  • PolyTech Ultra High Efficiency - MERV 15/16
  • PolyTech Flame Retardant Ultra High Efficiency - MERV 15/16

HemiPleat Nano™

A microporous nanofiber coating is applied to the upstream side of the filter for higher filtration efficiencies and improved dust release, which makes this new material far superior to any commercial filter media available.

  • HemiPleat Nano - Media treated with moisture resistant silicone.
  • HemiPleat Nano FR - Media treated with a flame retardant chemical.

Oval Filter Replacement Chart

Donaldson Torit Oval FilterCamfil APC NoOval
218318-XXX, 218326-XXX*

*Part numbers vary depending on the various yoke styles and the media selection. Leave it to us to provide you with the right NoOval filter. Call us at 800-479-6801 or contact us via this web site for more information. Ask us about our Performance Guarantee!

Request/download the HemiPleat NoOval data sheet (pdf) now.

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